Jessie Hernandez: We Love & Remember You

On this day one year ago, Denver Police killed the beloved Jessie Hernandez after just turning 17 years old. Reviewing the police statements and news reports about what happened on this day only serves to remind us of the ways the police repeatedly modified their version of what happened while mainstream / for profit media served as a megaphone for the police department's iterations. The appalling coverage aimed to immediately blame Jessie for her own death. This media also contributed to the internalization of the negative messages that transmit into the community, young people, and especially those who share identities and experiences with Jessie. This is a death no mother, father, sibling, friend or community member should have to endure­­violence by the officers with badges that absolve them and create an entire law enforcement culture of impunity.

It took days for the public to acknowledge and recognize Jessie as their fullest selves, as a queer and gender non­conforming Mexican@. Jessie’s whole story begins where all our stories are rooted, with our ancestors whose legacy and resilience against racism and colonialism lives within us. Jessie’s legacy lives within those who have been left behind to carry on their memory.

After a year of pain, hurt, resilience, and work to build up support for the Hernandez family, we are reminded yet again of the efforts of the City of Denver and its law enforcement agencies to treat the most policed communities as disposable. Jessie was the eldest sibling of their family and brought love and pride into their lives. They lived unapologetically.

We remember Jessie Hernandez. We remember every life DPD has abused the people in this city and our demands read:
  • Immediate protection for family members who are surviving their loved one’s killing or assault by police, all families report stalking and over surveillance by the state.
  • Indict and fire all officers responsible in all the shooting deaths of those in Denver since 1992.
  • Release Sharod Kindell and fire officers involved in shooting him nearly to death
  • Full investigation of all homicides committed by DPD officers from 1992­2016. 1992 marks the year the last DPD officer was indicted for criminal assault.
  • Abolish policies that criminalize queer youth such as the Urban Camping Ban, which criminalizes innocent people without homes.
  • Demilitarize DPD by withdrawing from the Department of Defense 1033 program, has been supplying military hardware to local police departments across the US. Instead emphasize non­violent conflict resolution.
  • Immediate resignation of Mayor Michael Hancock who has turned his back on this city through gentrification and neglecting to take seriously the violence the community faces at the hands of the police and sheriffs of Denver.
  • Allocate funding from the District Attorney’s office to community based restorative justice programs for young people who have a case move through their office.
Jessie, we serve you and all our relatives that live with you in spirit world as our ancestors. With our hearts open, we call on all to serve our deepest purposes, to liberate our people. State sanctioned genocide and violence ends in our generation. This is the will of our ancestors. Unite. Palabra. Axe. 



Honoring Jessie Hernandez - Misa de Commemoracion Jan. 26th

The Hernandez Family is inviting family, friends and community to Jessie's 1 year commemoration service.
La Familia Hernandez invita a amigos, family y comunidad a la Misa Commemorativa de Jessie

5:00pm - Jan. 26th, 2016 

Park Hill United Church of Christ - 2600 Leyden Street, CO 80207

Petition for prayers, drawings, poems and words are welcomed.
Peticiones por oraciones, dibujos, poemas y palabras son bienvenidas. 

A short blessing will occur followed by a procession to the alley. 
Un bendición ocurrirá seguida de una procesión hasta el callejón. 

Come honor Jessie and share your love with her family. 
Everyone welcome - young people, family, community. 
Ven honorar a Jessie y comparta su amor con su familia.
Todos son bienvenidos - jóvenes, familia, comunidad.

Donations of any kind are greatly appreciated, anything helps.




We proudly present: Survivors Organizing for Liberation (formerly Colorado Anti-Violence Program) and Buried Seedz of Resistance (formerly Branching Seedz of Resistance) as new names to reflect the organization we are today.  To learn more about our name change CLICK HERE!

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Nate Mancha defended himself against an incident of homophobic hate violence. Ten months later, Nate was convicted of Felony Assault and sentenced to 32 years in prison. To join the campaign, click here.